Nadine’s Story

I grew up with no regard or knowledge of what “whole foods” are, even though I lived on the country side of Germany and saw grazing dairy cows daily during summer.

My journey into better food began with my concern over animal cruelty in factory farming, especially here in the USA. The more I learned I certainly never touched this kind of food again (I also make no exceptions when eating in restaurants). So I had to look into alternatives to find clean meat. These researches on the internet also had me learn about the advantages of clean animal products, not just where I could find them.

And the deeper you delve into the world of clean foods, there is no way the teachings of Weston Price don’t eventually come your way. Even though at times confusing and never easy, I learned that there are no shortcuts when it comes to ones diet. Shortcuts – the body pays for it. Foods have to be carefully chosen and prepared.

Our bank-account hurts, since it is expensive to eat like everyone should be able to, but I have two healthy kids with no allergies or other issues. We never needed medicine since I changed our diet (*I now use homeopathics and they do the trick.)


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